Hi! Glad you could make it! My name is Stephanie Smith and I'm an aspiring photographer of all things. I'm also a Registered Dietitian, an avid rock climber, and a coffee addict but let's save those for another time and for different websites. My favorite things to photograph are weddings, engagements, families, kids, babies...well, people in general. I also enjoy taking photos of food, natural and architectural landscapes, as well as doors, fences, coffee (distinct and in a separate category from food), old barns, animals (both big and small), sports, flowers, sunsets, sunrises...honestly, you name it and I most likely have a photo of it. I think everything has it's own unique beauty and photography helps to capture a single second of that beauty that will last a lifetime. I mean, what's better than that, right? Every picture is different from the next; textures, colors, lighting, shadows, layers, smiles, locations all are what contribute to a photo's one of a kind personality; like people, no photo is the same. Photography has become a huge part of my life; not only am I constantly taking pictures for my clients and friends but, if you know me well, you'll know that I'm never without my camera. I always seem to find something to photograph, even if it's just something that catches my eye while I'm commuting to my day job. Well, enough about me, go take a look at all of my photographs. Enjoy and please feel free to contact me if you need photos for any occasion. 


Thanks for visiting my site and come again soon!


Yours Truly,